I reiterate people can be quite ...

...amazing, no, understanding, not quite right, commiserative, okay that adjective will do. 
The head interim director of the hospital called early today, yes at eight A.M.
He asked for me to tell him what had happened and was quite the above adjective definition: commiserative: to feel or express sorrow or compassion, for what I had experienced and apologized profusely and felt that my information would be helpful as a learning tool, minus me being named, anonymously used, to better learn how to change the lack of proper treatment in listening to-handling patients a teaching aid.
He also said that when a patient has that much pain they will forgo any possible contraindications with instead monitoring the effects when the benefits might very well outweigh the negative outcome and since the patient is in a controlled care environment they have the ability to treat a negative outcome!
Still scary, but exactly what did happen to me.
He assured me that the overcrowding issue i.e. about available beds being lacking will metamorphous into a staging situation where they will be able to more often release patients with at-home care being the usual that is meaning that they will have healthcare professionals support patients in those familiar surroundings at home when possible.
And so most ambulatory patients or non-critical care patients can be maintained at home!
Sounds like a win-win plan, and I do hope that it will be initiated sooner, rather than later. He also gave me his cell number, WOW!

Moving on...

My body is compensating for its need to adjust.
I seriously believe that my sporadic overwhelming weighted inability to lift myself up could be an aberration, which is a hopeful prayer at this time.
Although, my legs and feet numbness has not diminished and that is hard to deal with at any given time. 
I never know when it will happen though that I cannot move at all, unnerving.
I am pushing myself to try harder.
But now my eyes have been misbehaving again with eye socket pain, and so I am trying to believe that it is just my severe dry eyes NOT another bought of Optic Neuritis!
I have initiated using my dry eye drops more than I had been neglecting their use, forgetting.
I have had ON four out of the five times that I was put on the IV SoluMedrol 1000 mg. for the least amount of days, only three.
But still not something anyone would want.
Stress is the enemy for us all but it is definitely the culprit in many exacerbations of MS!
And sure I have been under it, stress that is but so are most people.
Handling it better should be a goal.
So distraction, distraction, yes distraction is redundant, but yes that is the BEST way for any of us to cope.
I recall the story of Norman Cousins who had ankylosing spondylosis and suffered terribly in pain and he found old comedy movies and laughing helped him deal and cure his pain!
Reading the above article is worth the read, and Prof. Cousins method was non-invasive and oddly enough worked! He called it laugh therapy.
In his own right he was quite an interesting person, a journalist, an author, a professor and a world peace advocate and much, much more, my kind of person, a mensch!

On that note of sharing, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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