Many might wonder if there are any rules to "blogging", not to my knowledge, but that doesn't mean a thing, ha! There could be some somewhere, but I really don't think so...
Most I believe feel that pretty much anything goes, freedom of speech and all.
But common sense tells most of us that the concept should be tempered with civil verbal restraint.
Name facts that you have the ability to back up and do not use names of people/businesses etc. unless you are more than sure what you are saying is much more than an angry opinion and is factual, since legally you could be sued, at the very least you will receive a firm reprimand or be unfriended, yep been there.
Accolades also should be part of the over all concept too.
Who doesn't appreciate being appreciated.
In situations of such as those name names!
This form of communication and self expression has proven to me to have become a habitual obsession!
But look at it this way, it is not fattening, except when writing some recipes, or illegal, perhaps when I might rush and name names that are truly aggravating me, but still NOT illegal as long as you say in my opinion, harmful, could be at times when sensitivity to peoples occasional reactions aren't what you expected, and so try not to hurt others feelings either, a rare occurrence here not much feedback here, so basically a safe place to play/say what you think and feel!
That is why I love it.
I recommend it highly to everyone.

I have noticed over the nearly eight years that I have been doing this that many stick to one topic of their interest.
Unfortunately, my mind can be way too scattered and so I rather like to call my way of doing this as that my interests can be quite diverse; sounds good to me!

I suppose that when my MS gets bad I have a tendency to harp on that topic, but when I feel better I can, I so do hope some day to be,  and I will go places to share here as well as crafts, and home projects and so much more movies and on and on and on...
Politics are easy for anyone to be opinionated on due to the fact in my opinion that it being not that dissimilar to that oldie but goodie expression of being an armchair quarterback, ha!
You're a voter, so therefore you are qualified!
But homework is fun that is trying to actually have the ability to give intelligent information to share.
I particularly love when you can share useful things about safety procedures in weather situations,  or around the home, or with children or with pets.
Yep experience does qualify any of us to share any of those personal experiences, for sure. Like the ancients did in the tribe...

So on this note, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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