Converging on NYC

All the candidates are experiencing my old stomping grounds! When I grew up just a stone throw from Manhattan, and resided nearby for twenty-two of my many years on this planet, plus fourteen more within driving distance, and ice skated at the age of four at Rockefeller Center, went to the Radio City Music Hall where the Rockettes perform, when we were home from the Catskills during the holidays to see their holiday shows, as well as other Broadway shows, such as Funny Girl 1966, the King and I 1954 and Annie 1980! The museums of all types the largest library that any young college student has ever seen with her own card to use New York Public, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the Cloisters, Central Park, the zoo and ice rink, the delis, the fancier ones too like the Russian Tea Room and all delish, the hotels, Hilton, the Carlisle, and more... the stores, Saks, Bonwit Tellers, Lord and Taylors, and on and on...  Why LIM at 12 east 53rd street between Fifth and Madison Ave. where I went to college across from Paley Park and Hamburger Haven, Madison Avenue being the advertising Phenom in its day, and Fifth Avenue being where the classy stores reside, also the city is spotted with gastrostomy of foods from street vendors of all kinds  and they will try to sell you anything from hot dogs to chestnuts to pretzels and retail goods, sunglasses, bags, you name it, the garment district is a world in itself, as is the diamond district, China town, Little Italy, any ethnicity you can think of has an eatery for your joyous palate to try and shopping too, you name it and so much, much more!
Out of the five finalists three consider themselves New Yorkers, but actually one is a self imposed transplant and the other two can honestly own up to it!
The taste of New York is multicultural and the most diverse as they come, no wonder most of us liberals truly do wholeheartedly LOVE NEW YORK!
While two of the non-NYC candidates that have been rubbing elbows with the real deal honest speaking folk there might be less than their cup of tea, and a bit unusual for Cruz and Kasich.
But that's how we of that ilk roll!
Always letting people know where we are coming from, and if you have the time even the when why and how we got there!
Open books that most pride themselves on.
No, pretense, upfront honesty, is so refreshing I bet to those who haven't gotten there yet they might give the whole concept mixed reviews!
Anyway we looking in on the next few days in NYC should be very interesting...

On this note of waiting for all the gaffs, flubs and oops to delight and entertain minus the throwing of  meanness of slanderous repartee over the next several days, allow me now to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!  

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