Want to know how to clear out all those loving creatures in no kill shelters and rescues

Soap box time!

Get the veterinarians to stop over charging for their services! Their employees are practically on welfare, at least one I spoke to earlier today had said that she as a single parent that her children are on Medicaid with even her working fifteen hours a day, so it begs the question who is profiting from these higher costs of veterinary care, and my conclusion is either the veterinarians/doctors or the pharmaceutical companies just like with people's medication!  BIG PHARMA! NO!

Well meaning people wanting loving additions to their families/homes would be more than willing to take in two or three pets at a time if the care for them was not going to cost them an arm and a leg! When did it all get out of hand... I sadly don't recall that exact date.

It is more than wonderful that they have discounted spay and neutering, some organizations doing it even for free, over the last few decades, but they're still too many homeless pets being warehoused!
People know the value of having loving creatures in their homes, it helps peoples health, emotional and physical well being as well as that of the adopted pet's, but even when adoption is not that expensive, maintaining the pet still might be.
And then not unlike children with special needs, heaven forbid, your adoptee of the four-footed kind could too have special needs and concessions would have to be met and there are no agencies or organizations for aiding you in that specific care, except for an exorbitant fee.

This all reminds me of the horror stories I recall of senior citizens needing to decide whether to buy groceries or medication due to not being able to afford both just a few decades ago.  
Although, there might be some still in that horrid situation, I truly hope not.
So many issues in human and animal medical needs have to be addressed.
We as the "richest nation" in the world, it is appalling how far behind we are in caring for people and our animals, shocking actually.

Answers from me are not available yet, for I really have none.
But someone out there must have.
In my miniscule brain I feel that if we solve this "money/cost of" problem then and only then will we find the answers to emptying the shelters and rescues by placing all creatures in loving homes that can afford to give them all the care that they need!

And that is not to say that these newer no kill shelters and rescue organizations are not treating them well, 99% are, but they are and should be only a temporary respite for any domestic pet who needs a one on one relationship with a human being.
As Americans I do believe that this is another situation that should not be left to only the wealthiest of Americans in that one percent being the ones to have pets, since that would be again way too unfair for the rest of us.
But alas if this escalating cost/expense isn't stopped then all I can foresee is that it will happen!


On this note of a rant of substance, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS NBC-2 Good job with the Susan B. Komen race for breast cancer funding, hope you met your goal!
PSS Haley W. Chief Meteorologist, your little guy is amazing, he may become a pro baseball player, because he is really something at only five years of age playing the game; thanks so much for all those live action flicks nightly! They are truly enjoyed.

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