For the news media to report on the 2016 Election I thought...

...that they were supposed to be unbiased.
To keep up with what is going on with even the whittled down candidates stable of three maybe four on the GOP side and two absolutely on the Democratic side to update myself and to stay informed I watch on Sundays NBCs Meet the Press's full hour, and CBSs Face the Nation's last half hour since there is an overlap there. As well as PBS shows and network programming an the occasional debate, but truly they are more shouting matches on the GOP side than a learning experience, and Democratic ones are few and far between.

Now the pundits take sides due to who they support or will during the programing or discus either side, but the mediators are the newscasters/anchors and are supposed to not taking sides just there to make sure that every angle is covered and questions answered, true?
Hubby asked out loud today if Chuck Todd, the host of Meet The Press for any of you living under a rock or are foreign born, was a Republican and I said why?
Because he is always defending the GOP front runner, okay, if I must I must, DJ Trump, Hubby said.
You know, I noticed that on the Today Show too, maybe they aren't aware of it but at times it does seem that way, preferential towards the Don.

Gosh can anyone recall anyone running for election getting as much free air time?
All this guy, the Frothy Orange Haired Guy that is, has to do, is say anything, usually outrageous, bigoted, insulting or bullying and he gets FREE AIR TIME thousands of times over. If we behaved that way would we? Okay maybe... yes.
But it does make one wonder, are they all suckers, I can hear that expression, there's a person that can have the wool pulled over their eyes any moment at anytime, paraphrased "a sucker born every minute", isn't that sort of thing the barkers at the circus would say or thought about the naiveté of their audience?
Gosh, he, that above mentioned guy was listening too closely to the con men of his generation and seems to have picked up all their pointers by him trying all their methods of putting one over on his supporters by telling them whatever he wants them to think and them buying it hook line and sinker, why prove him right people, really?
And the thing that bugs me the most when asked, these tried and true supporters of this carnival act man always defend him no matter what, has he hypnotized them into believing him and could his bombastic personality cause them to believe his cult like crap?
No sustenance in any of his words only empty promises.
Fact checkers have proven time and time again that what spews out his mouth is mostly, mainly lies, practically all he does say, in my opinion all.
And he has never been for the little people who want change but only for himself and the almighty dollars he can put in his own pockets!

He will kill this country bit by bit.
And the worst of it is all his empty promises to you are just that, EMPTY! 
Empty as your beer bottle after enjoying that game on the TV, empty as that casserole dish after a pot luck dinner, empty as a paper plate after a pig roast! You get my drift...I hope.

Please, please, PLEASE get my point you the salt of the earth, heart of America folks, minus the KKK and Neo Nazis or the like scary ones, he's NOT going to be there for you only HIMSELF!
He will give contracts to his companies from everything from war contracts of wars started by him due to his people pleasing personality angering all of our allies not just our enemies, and for our infrastructure rebuilding of bridges and roadways etc. he will have his logo on them with all of the illegal aliens he hires for a tenth of the going rate to do the hard labor and then he will banish them out of the country if they complain after he uses them up making sure he gets the most for his money provided by him for him by taxing you.
Mark my words and folks there is so much more, think clearly before you cast that vote and try to know as much as you can about this self proclaimed DEMIGOD who will take your souls while he rips your hearts out from you if he ends up in POWER!
History, read it, and remember you have been warned!
Every dictator has begun this way horrifically, all I am asking you all is to think twice and really investigate all my claims and don't turn off your ability to get to the truth think, and then think again!

That's all folks truly, for now.

On this another night of ranting with purpose, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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