Another Day

Yep, like clockwork, each day is another.
Many of you right now are wondering why I would write the obvious or perhaps you have already decided to throw in the towel with the thought why should I read on...
Good, that is definitely why I did it.
Making something out of nothing seems to be a thing that many have felt was a necessary concept at one time or another and quite lucrative too, the nineteen nineties comes to mind, Seinfeld; kids you might have to Google it to know from whence that came.
Although, today has the directive with a claim of being a not really at all a nothing for it is a, "Super Tuesday!" Not to be confused with a Superman or a Super girl, got it? I knew you did.

Why it has been given this title is beyond my ken, and nope he doesn't know either! ( Shush...Oops did I say that out loud, my anonymous Hubby's true identity.)

Most of us know that a lot of our states get to vote today, perhaps it's as simple as that, twelve so I have been informed, but not mine, Florida, our primary is in two weeks. I never knew or thought much about it before I suppose.
And I still will not be allowed to vote due to not declaring which party I prefer, but you all know, sure you do and that should be enough!
Why should I tell them, hmm?
It is the principle of the thing.
So vote wisely for all our sakes, please!
I implore you to be absolutely thoughtful in your choice.
The claim is this is it!
That is the narrowing down of the two to battle it out in November.
Not fair without all the rest of our states laying in their wants and desires on whom they really, really want to FIX MAINTAIN OR CONTINUE OUR GREAT LANDS WAYS!
The ending of an era of people being apathetic.
Not in my lifetime, or yours either I presume!
Any-who, for a gal in a reclining position nightly and not for any fun reasons I have a lot of nothing to say...Geez if this were a few decades ago I could have made a bundle by now since I am long winded in nonsense, maybe?

March is a glorious month here in Florida and so after taking care of business wherever you happen to be done come on DOWN!

On that note please allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask all of you to kindly count all of your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS GO VOTE! (if allowed; oh pooh!)
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