Weather coming our way at noon tomorrow!

I have a free phone app for severe weather warnings from our local NBC TV station and when those storms come in the middle of the night it goes off both for watches and warnings, and so I would yell for Hubby to get up and to get Gus to get us into our safe place, for now we chose our laundry room that has no windows and block walls on three sides.
Only thing is I get watches and warnings mixed up.
A watch is a tornado is a slight possibility and a warning is when a tornado is seen in your area and so take cover now!

Moving on...

We went to my gastroenterologist today.
His office procedures were backed up due to their computers being down.
So our wait was much longer than usual.
My hepatic steatosis is nothing to be worried about, and he is a liver specialist, whew relieved for that!
As far as my reflux and GERD go since my OTC medications have not been helping me anymore he was going to investigate with my insurance company to see if they will pay for a couple of prescription grade stronger medications that he feels I should have and try.
And I am also now scheduled for an endoscopy next month.

The office was very warm and so my spasms went berserk!
I carry extra Baclofen with me, but Hubby had trouble finding my pill container in my enormous pocket book that I have a tendency to carry everything and anything one might need, and has been useful due to all that I have for any emergency. Just last week Hubby needed a band aid while we're out and voila I had it!
And no I do not actually hold it, it travels under the seat compartment of my walker.

I did feel well by the time the Baclofen kicked in and Hubby took me out to lunch to our local Greek restaurant Olympia, he had hot open face turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and veggies with lentil soup, not Greek at all.
But mine was; I had spinach pie with Greek salad and their wonderful cabbage soup.

On that note of hoping you all to be well and now allow me to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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