As I watched the news shows...

This morning they showed two centigenarians both women, one a hundred and ten year old grump who only appeared to enjoy napping in her nursing home and not much else and the other was a mere hundred and six with the bubbly personality of a much younger woman.
And she was the one enthralled with her visit to the Whitehouse to meet the president and the first lady! What a sweetheart!
One wonders, on occasion how one could be so happy and the other be so grouchy.
And my goodness the amount of these centigenarians seem to be multiplying exponentially, even when Willard Scott used to wish these people on the Today Show, then they were to be considered unique individuals a happy birthday had been wished to all those one hundred plus years of age, these days they seem to occur much more often in nature than the once a week that he would express a collective celebratory congrats to seemingly these now not so unique specimens of what we all wish that we could be, okay some of you, who are well.
There are cells/zones all over the world where longevity is still considered somewhat of an amazing feat and a more plentiful happening.
But I'm not so sure...go with me here... diet and exercise type lifestyles have been thought to be the answers by many who observe and study these not so unusual anomalies, as far as I can see these days.
And many when asked how they were able to get to their ripe old age, but politely with euphemisms used like "miraculous longevity" and others that cannot be extracted from this minute brain of mine at this time.
The interesting part is how many say things like eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise via working at something they enjoy or living a distance from a market or water source and having no other way than to get what they need other than walking in all types of weather and terrains etc.
And then there are the ones who eat what they want, including what many in the health field consider dangerous like bacon and eggs daily, smoking cigars or cigarettes, and drinking too and not just water but scotch nightly or wine or Manhattans, you get my gist.
I wonder though if any of the studies take into consideration how much really depends on heredity?
Good genes should be what they should really test and not living in a place with toxic air and water sources.
Just some more thoughts to throw out to all of you...!

Moving on...

Tonight is a full moon and so, you got that right half price 18" pizza from our local Coal Fired pizzeria, Bocca Lupo, at seven dollars and fifty cents plus tax, what a deal. Only one this time, since we still have a few slices in the freezer, oops! Plus salad fixings too in our fridge from the grocery this week, we just have to make it, but neither of us were into it tonight.
Two skinnies for me, slices that is, thin and plain cheese pizza; the owner is from good ole NJ and knows how to make them great, and Hubby had a wider one and a thinner one for his two slices, the rest went in the fridge for possible lunch tomorrow!

That is it for tonight friends. Oh, one more thing, access for blogs can only be made from Google or Facebook no longer Twitter or other ways, notification was as of January 11, 2016, sorry I forgot to mention it.
On that note of being here to document, inform and think, I think, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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