Leaving well enough... never my style

So far though, this time I have not gotten myself into any trouble, yet.
My one diagnosis of "emphysema" was very scary and made me quite angry!
Why, one might ask? Not really, but let me tell you anyway...thanks, by the way...

Well, first of all it comes nearly ten years after I had quit smoking and secondly, over the years I have had numerous chest X-rays, all unremarkable!( Deemed negative.)
So to be dx'd with mild to moderate emphysema makes me wonder about the usefulness of those "chest X-rays" and why not with my history had I not been given that chest CT scan with dye right away or at least earlier?
Or.........is it possible for this insidious disease to lie in wait all of these years without a smidge of it peeking out onto an X-ray (And yes it is, I have found out sadly.) and then without forewarning magically appear years after anyone would suspect such a nasty occurrence/diagnosis making a GRAND HORRIFIC ENTRANCE!


Oh wait, it did.

So little miss throw a glitch into the calm seas of diagnoses that were accepted and done with; not me, no sir, I have to know why??????
So instead of ruining my relationship with my one  of the few decent doctors who usually tells me truthfully how it is, and she had said that I was "non symptomatic", but something didn't gel right, ya know, so I called my chronic care liaison, Karen. And I had been oh so tired with those chest pains and breathing difficulty thus that ominous hospital visit this past Tuesday. According to what I had read after, those were classic symptoms, although my oxygen levels were incredibly good, from 98 to 100 %, but they did keep oxygen on me the whole time I was there.
But Karen could tell I was like a dog with her prize bone and that I wasn't going to let this go, and so she was kind enough to recommend a pulmonologist, and now I have an appointment next month, whew a bit of relief for now.

I did leave the hepatic steatosis dx alone, due to the more I researched it the more I realized my weight and wine indulgence had to be curbed. The wine we had actually given up after years of having a glass or two with or after dinner last year. It was this year that I thought perhaps just a glass during the holidays or for special occasions wouldn't be too bad, and now I am thinking differently, in favor of none at all.
Too dangerous!

The wine is easy for me to not have, but without being able to exercise, even walk, but eating healthy is already in my playbook, always has been.

Any-who, so life goes on here as everywhere, and yes in the near future I will get back to what truly is important in life....THE 2016 ELECTION,

I so know how much you are all waiting on my opinionated take on it, NOT!
But that never stopped me before, hmm?

On that note of much hope and that my icon has returned and my scary PIC has dissolved back into whence it had come from, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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