Home from the hospital since last night

Frustration and being in a very busy place made my temporary stay a bit difficult for needy me.
I was not only hooked up to oxygen and a blood pressure cuff, but to the cardiac machine with several of those lines running from me and so when I needed to go to the bathroom facility next door to the ER room it appeared that many of the nurses were not available when I used my call button. I use a walker and my balance is compromised all due to the Multiple sclerosis.
And so after quite some time about twenty minutes I disconnected myself, slid off the end of the table since the side would NOT go down and held on to the table as I found my shoes and the walker.
In over the ten hours I was there I had to go to the bathroom three times, first the nurse was there to help, then Hubby had helped with the disconnect, but this last time, no one came when the button was pressed.
Hubby had gone home to take care of Gus and grab dinner, he had had lunch in their cafeteria there.
I had two sets of blood work hours apart for my cardiac enzyme testing, a chest X-ray in the room too. The only time I was moved was for the chest and other organs CT scan with die that I think I mentioned yesterday.
Food was status quo for a hospital, cold and bad.
I got so upset with the lack of my nurse button being answered and the cold stale food, and questions not being answered about taking my daily medicine and when I would be up in my room; my elderly nurse told me some were warehoused in ER for as long as thirty hours. (She did not say warehoused that was my term, but she did say thirty hours. She also forgot to come back when asked any question...whoosh.....GONE. Like a little social butterfly in the hallways talking to people. Hubby reported that.)
So I ripped out my IV and decided to leave and to give an earful to all who would listen.
The first was the ER head nurse Jason, who politely told me to wait in their quiet room, a what?
It turned out to be an inner enclosed doored lounge with sofas and chairs for people waiting I suspect for answers or whatever.
He also took a while to come in and talk with me or better yet listen to my reasons for leaving. He held the "quiet room" door ajar. I asked him why for the sake of my privacy with HIPPA and all I did not want others to hear me?
He said that he had to leave it open, so I spoke quietly, oh now I get it QUIET ROOM, shush!
It occurred to me later he was afraid that I might accuse him of something with it closed? I suppose it was his CYA.

I told him everything and he was quite consoling and apologetic and even added that if I needed to come back that he would be happy to be MY nurse, huh? (Odd comment, and I wonder if anyone heard that?)
Any-who, I proceeded to leave and then seemed to recall that I had to sign a paper stating it was against medical recommendations, and so I asked up front for that form.
The fellow there said he had called someone to bring it down, but alas no one did, and so I waited outside for Hubby!
I called him there and talked on my cell holding it to my ear not on the speaker as I prefer.
Somethings have to be private, ya know?

Hubby was pretty quick since we live less than two miles from both Port Charlotte hospitals, but this one is designated for heart diseases that is why it was chosen. It wasn't until I was home that I realized my black onyx earring that was in my left ear was missing. The earring is about fifty years old from when I was college bought to match my LIM college ring also gold and onyx. I called the hospital and asked to speak to the nurse and he said he would look and hung up. Hubby even went back against my wishes and looked, and did not find it, and he's the one who usually finds everything! Someday I will give you a list of the thought to be gone forever things he found after all was said and done.

Deje Vu was how the experience went, why I don't like hospitals, it had been a little less than seven years since any wanted me to stay. The last BAD experience was at the other one adjacent to this one. Leaving me with a horrid infection that I had to take 2000 mg. of Cipro for ten days!

Any-who, next time I will have to be unconscious to be admitted.
Geez I sure hope I remember that!
Back in 1983 while still in NJ they coded me nearly killing me, due to an allergic reaction to medicines they injected into me while I was in lower back and neck traction due to an accident.
See, me and hospitals do not get along!
Someone stop me if I think a stay will help any medical problem.
This time it was again a doctor recommendation, of course due to my nasty symptoms, chest pains and breathing problems, not their fault.

I called my chronic care liaison this morning to explain what had happened and she suggested speaking to the hospital administrative office and so I called and got the secretaries voice mail and she called me back, Minerva. After I told her my litany of complaints she said that I should speak to their Director of the ER which I eventually did and she was quite receptive and vowed to speak with her people and anonymously mentioning all that had happened to me while there to make sure that it will not happen again. This woman, Jan, even told me that she spoke with security to keep a lookout for my earring and stylus that also was missing, but Hubby did find the stylus when he was out in the car on his way to the dealership for that funky noise being taken car of; it slid out of the center console when he turned a corner or something.

So this is where I stand/sit now, my doctor's nurse in house called asking me if I wanted Dr. Nord to see me, and I said let's wait till the results of all those tests come back to see if it is necessary. My symptoms have diminished, although I am still rather tired, I did nap for awhile again. And my chest pain is more like periodic tightening, which could be my MS hugs and the pain could be my GERD, but while I was there, at the hospital, I was told my hookups looked good. Even my doctor's representative, Beth J. said they looked good, all was that is except my blood work had something wrong thus the reasoning for the cardiac enzyme test every six hours, and I only had two of the three... oh well the last was scheduled for midnight and I was long gone by then.
Stay tuned, I am!

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