I definitely feel like saying wash, rinse and repeat.
Not only is my tummy continuing its response in a negative way, but...
Today I tried to find out what happened to my ordered prescription that had been ordered on 1-18-16 with a  seven to ten day turn around.
This was the eleventh day, so I called and was shocked to find out that someone at Humana RX cancelled my order!
It is my Simvastatin 40mg., cholesterol medication that I have been on for ten years!
They took the better part of the day to get anything that could pass for what might have looked as if the problem was fixed, but again I did most of the work.
The resolve was ME calling my doctor to calling in another script to the local pharmacy for a two week supply until my ninety day supply via mail could be a rushed delivery! (Within five days, rush? Methinks not.)
Any-who, aggravation stemmed from being put on hold for hours at time, and each individual not knowing what to do without reading again what was put in the notes!
Efficiency be damned, must be the company motto.
Hubby even got on the phone for me a few times, gotta love the guy, and I do, since it was on speaker and they tape all calls, our anger mounted as they wore on OUR last nerves.
This whole process took from just after eight A.M. when they opened until nearly two P.M.!
Hubby also had aggravation when he went to take our car in for an oil change at Palm Auto Mall where we bought it only a little over a year ago new, usually even with an appointment it took two hours, today it took more than three!
Hubby heard a squeak in our car's rear end and so the young fellow took it for a wild test drive, throwing everything in the van all over the place.
And it seemed all of their employees attitudes were not friendly or right or professional.
One called here looking for Hubby, while he, Hubby, was just outside right there talking to another customer.
The fellow who called here admonished Hubby for he having to call our home number, he demanded the cell number from me when he called, and said it like do you have one?
I said yes we have two and we don't feel the need to give them out to strangers but I did acquiesce and gave him Hubby's to find him.
They did repair a minor recall on our air conditioner they said.

What's happening in this world?
Why are people so crazed?

Bad day, at least we have more to look forward to, days that is, and perhaps as always they could be a whole lot better, considering that today it did stopped raining and the forecast for the rest of the weekend is dry too!

On this note of always looking toward tomorrow,(I feel like Annie with sun and all!), allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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