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Endorphins VS. Adrenaline

“An endorphin is a natural pain reliever produced by the body in response to a number of factors. It binds to the parts of the nervous system that bind to morphine, relieving pain and frequently producing a natural high. In contrast to the effects of narcotics, endorphin activity is not addictive. A runner’s high is one response that is thought to be due to the effects of endorphins.
There are a number of endorphins produced by humans. They are neurotransmitters, meaning they transmit signals throughout the nervous system and are found in the brain — specifically in the pituitary gland. A receptor is a molecule that transmits signals, and an endorphin binds to a receptor that morphine and other opiates gravitate to. It is known as an opiate receptor.”
“Adrenaline is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland in the body of many animals. When it is produced in the body it stimulates the heart-rate, dilates blood vessels and air passages, and has a number of more minor effects. Adrenaline is naturally produced in high-stress or physically exhilarating situations.
The term "fight or flight" is often used to characterize the circumstances under which adrenaline is released into the body. It is an early evolutionary adaptation to allow better coping with dangerous and unexpected situations. With dilated blood vessels and air passages, the body is able to pass more blood to the muscles and get more oxygen into the lungs in a timely manner, increasing physical performance for short bursts of time.”
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How many of you have experienced the utilization of either of these normal substances in your body?
Many of us have, but the trick is to call upon them when we need them and that’s what I think would be wonderful and also lower the need for so many medications.
Go with me here… we all know that exercise can combat many painful problems from Fibromyalgia to back injuries with slipped or torn discs. There have also been cases with severe pain from some types of cancer that exercise has helped with that pain as well quite miraculously!
And so we do know that exercise can cause our endorphins to work on our behalf.
Physical therapy that is not that dissimilar to routine gym type exercising has also been quite helpful in the non pain wars, and so that is why I think that I may be on to something. And I do feel that my personal experiences with being in all those times of physical therapies, PT (Physical therapy) OT(occupational therapy) and NMT( Neuro Muscular Massage Therapy) a total of fourteen times and four years also of an hour and half each day five days a week of being a gym rat!
And so even if it all sounds rather far fetched wouldn’t it be just hunky dory if it was all any of us needed to deal with our daily pain that so many of us endure?
I am smiling from ear to ear.
Always speak with your physician before starting any type of exercise plan but I bet 90% of you get the go ahead!
Of course no one can beat bicycling, swimming and good old plain walking at any age for the comfortable form of getting started. Even if you have no pain any of those will help take those LBS off!
Healthy diet with more veggies and fruits and less dairy, but in the low fat or no fat variety is still important for those bones to be strengthened and meat, fish and chicken to fill out that menu all in moderation; everyone agrees that portion control is what we all should do and check online for exact measurements its all there for us to access.

Now adrenaline, which my friends is not as simple to call upon when we just want help moving furniture or any other heavy objects. But put a loved one under any of those heavy things a TV, a dresser or even an automobile and then we would probably find that it will kick in or at least we would like to think so.
Anger besides extreme fear also can help, sort of like the comic book character from the series of ‘The Hulk’! Now I am not saying to get that angry but I bet there have been times when some of you have and moved a dresser to get behind it without realizing that you could! Well friends that’s adrenaline too.

Lack of strength and pain are two of the main problems with the many ills that I suffer from daily and I am sure that we all know many other diseases that cause your personal difficulties and I know that even when we deal from day to day with these things it is somehow more positive to try and come up with other ways to alleviate those two annoying symptoms, huh? It is more productive than just sitting around and doing nothing because of them, right?

I also would be amiss if I didn’t again mention the Lamaze breathing and pinpointing a spot on the wall both also work well in pain control, which as a student of ballet for twelve years we would use too to not get dizzy, the looking at the wall thing not the Lamaze breathing, LOL!

Any-who, on that note of not being a total vegetable on days when I appear to be doing not that much, which is never true, since my brain so far is still crunching away with wild and crazy thoughts to share with all of you!

And so I would love to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you to kindly count those blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And lastly but not least… next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS The secret word that caused the stir was… are you ready?
YEP ‘NIKE’, since ‘Nike 2?’ also created the same ten times over response, wild, huh?
Talk about crazy!

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