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Cinco de Mayo! Derby Day! HUH?

Everybody enjoy this holiday! It only comes once every never! The mash-up of the two that is!
That is all Americans, since Mexicans do not really celebrate Cinco de Mayo the way that we do if at all, even in Kentucky for the Derby they are mashing the traditional drinks of the two occasions Mint Julep and Margaritas together, and I understand that it is pretty powerful stuff Tequila and Bourbon with mint and lime mixed! I don't know what they are calling it though.

I do not drink anymore, but if I did, WOW, one sip and I think I would be a goner.
And no, I am not an addict/alcoholic, nothing wrong with that if you stopped and don't drink because of that, but last fall I tried a sip of our old usual wine and it tasted like rubbing alcohol to me. Oh and I don't mean the wine was past its used by date, which with wine I am pretty sure some vintages are decades old and better for it, no this was my taste buds changing I guess?  I could not drink for a year due to my stomach s…