Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Today the roofers finished the roof and Hubby saw the eye doctor...

Oddly enough, now with all the walking on our roof we have a crack in the seam by the ceiling over the doorway to the bathroom in the sun-room. and another small one in the seam in the ceiling over the window in our bedroom, and our paddle fan light combo in the sun-room was dripping water!
But we have been assured all is well, now that the roof is completed!
I sure hope so; we do have a fifteen year warranty if there is a problem.
Time will tell.
Oh to our northern friends that is all most southern shingled or rolled roofs last at 10K a pop; thankfully insurance is paying for this one, yes the rules are different here. And I thought nothing was wrong... guess I was WRONG!

Moving on...

To Hubby!
The cosmetic eye surgeon saw him this afternoon, and recommended that Hubby have surgery tomorrow at eleven A.M.! The same eye doctor practice/hospital that took care of his cataracts last fall.
The doctor is dosing him with heavy duty antibiotics, like 1000 mg. 2X a day, started today when he came home and will be continued for days after his surgery!
Oh it will be a local numbing injection on either side of his eyes where the cysts are, the infected ones are on his right outer eye and the other cluster of five are on his left side of his eye!
He will be having stitches on both.
Wish Hubby luck and a speedy recovery!
He is slightly unnerved by the whole thing, since he will not be put out.
He is a very BRAVE MAN!

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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