Sunday, July 15, 2018

Two good reports last week.

I never did finish telling all of you about the results of my two doctor visits.
My 11:15 A.M. Wednesday July 11, that coincidentally was also my 12th anniversary of quitting smoking, that visit was with the pain clinic anesthesiologist Dr. Valente and he said with all that I have going on (RE: Liver enzymes high and CKD) that he wants to wait three months more to see how the Cervical Radiofrequency Ablation is working. He asked if I were numb and tingly at the site of the procedure, meaning my neck and I said yes, and he said that means he did get my nerves. He feels that it is just a matter of time. And was concerned that I was no longer taking Gabapentin, but I did not ask why? I must admit due to the pain was the logical reasoning, since that is why I came to his office in the first place, ha!

We were done at 11:40 A.M. with time to spare so we went across the street to Home Depot and Hubby went in and picked up two containers of Marigolds and potting soil for our outdoor tables. I still had ceramic pots that were needing of fresh healthy plants. One pot was placed down on the dock tiki hut table and the other uptop on our lanai one, a natural way to deal with mosquitoes, as well as our mosquito fish in our pond, and dumping all standing water!

We had food for lunch at home and so we came home to eat, since the neurological ophthalmologist Dr. Abram's office was even closer to home, less than a mile and that appointment wasn't until two o'clock!
I was fully examined for this six month check up, and told that all was status quo, in fact my sight appeared better, so I was given the go ahead to come back in a year instead of six months!
And it was the dilation drops that caused my inability to write that night, forgive.
We determined that my severly dry eyes needed lubrication more so than I had originally thought and that helps with controlling my blurriness! And so it did.
Of course if I need to come in anytime in the interim he said that all I have to do is call.

Two nice docs, no nexts here.

Moving on...

Today, nothing exciting, but Hubby began mowing the lawn in increments. He keeps saying he wants to hire someone to do the lawn, but in the next breath he does it.
This heat makes it very difficult for any age human being to mow.
Oddly enough with all the heat we still have had quite a bit of rain, thus the grass growing significantly...ahhhhh summer in Florida, typical, although the heat indices are more so...GLOBAL WARMING!
Anywho, I did laundry, and oddly enough napped for quite a few hours! I almost never nap.
Meals were simple, leftovers of pizza and Greek salad a lot, too much, but finished finally tonight at dinner, i.e. pizza, although there is still a wee bit of salad left!

That's it for tonight, so happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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