Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The journey continues...!

10:46 A.M. the adventurers Number One Son and his Number One Gal were nearly at the Moore Haven lock, below: https://marinas.com/view/lock/8ehdv_US_Moore_Haven_Lock_and_Dam_Moore_Haven_FL_United_States
That was this morning... their goal was to reach Labelle Marina by this afternoon before more storms head in...: https://portlabellemarina.com/ , and they have arrived!

And that is only about an hour from us via roadways... but waterways much longer!
Hubby keeps teasing to go meet them at each location, but always last minute.

Fortunately, both of these adults/children are in their late forties and have jobs where they have worked over twenty years each and have this time as one of many their holiday/vacation times, due them!
So no rush.
My concern is where they have to go to bring the sailboat around from the east coast of Florida to our west coast, most of that is done since Labelle is on the west coast now, but the Caloosahatchee River was declared being in a state of emergency by our Governor Scott due to the blue green algae and they have so far not had too much of it in Lake O or the canals, but the river will be where most of it is according to the news is where they will have to contend with it very soon.

And then once out of the river into the ICW, Inland Waterway there is the red tide all the way up to our beloved Charlotte Harbor! Although, it has lessened since it began, still though in the color code/chart it is now designated orange, not red that it had been and is the most severe, but better!

In LaBelle the news just reported that the algae is clearing up, but in Cape Coral it is getting worse!
In actuality they will not be going into Cape Coral, their turn north is before that, thankfully!

Moving on...

Today I again went into our pool, third time, since my birthday on the first!
I am trying hard to exercise as much as I can, either by house/yard work or pool ROM, range of motion... remember folks beside being in physical therapy Gosh about twenty-five times in over twenty years, I was a certified Aquatics instructor!
It's the pacing I still get wrong.
Working on it!

Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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