Monday, June 4, 2018

Another scorcher another hot, hot day in paradise!

Yup! Our weather and perhaps yours too?
Weather in degrees Fahrenheit is currently 85, but feels like 95!
Many areas south of us are in the higher 80s and lower 90s, and they feel like 100s plus!
And that is Caliente!

So other than going to my ENT new doctor Marmol this morning, who said that during that MRI in January from what he can see he believes it to have been a sinus infection, and that after his examination today of my nostrils that I appeared all clear now! YAY! No surgery! WHEW! (He did say I do have a deviated septum again that had been corrected with the last surgery in August of 2015. I suggested the puppy, Aussie bumped me with his head playfully, and the doc said that could have done it, hmm.) Months after I had been offered an antibiotic, but they do little to help anymore.
I do have a salivary gland that he felt could be infected due to the pain I demonstrated on being touched there, in my mouth, and he did offer more antibiotics. I declined saying they just dosed me Thursday with 2000 mg. of Amoxicillin, yes TWO THOUSAND MILLIGRAMS just before the procedure for the RFA.
He said alright, and I am to call anytime I think I need any help with my ENT issues, he seemed very thorough and nice.

Now it appears I have good docs.
As we all should.

Waiting currently to hear back from the pain center nurse, since I still am not sleeping, having to ice all night long.
Also, my hand jumps in my sleep and numbness in both hands are quite unnerving, pun intended.
Now I have read that Baclofen is not as non-dangerous as I had thought, it should also be carefully used with discretion as well as maxing out at the 80 mg. in a day, and increased and decreased in increments too slowly, but in three day portions not weeks like Gabapentin.
Baclofen can also harm the kidneys, who knew?
I have been on all dosages since 2006!
Learning! I will never stop!
That is until I am dead, ha!

On that maudlin note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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