Thursday, May 3, 2018

Pain Part Two

Yes, I do recall that I had said I was ALL DONE WITH MEDICATIONS!
And believe it or not those two procedures mentioned last night are less invasive than the laser one I had been told about by my neuro's office. Dr. L.K.Valente, my doctor, the anesthesiologist at the pain center, has very blue eyes. I almost said that his eyes were just  like Aussie's, but I held my tongue. I had noticed his while he examined me.He said that the laser goes right to the spinal cord, thus being more invasive.
Anyway, the two procedures mentioned last night on my blog the CFI, Cervical Facet Injections and the Cervical Radiofrequency Ablation or RFA are the lesser invasive procedures.

Refresh your memory: I know I need mine to be...
Facet injections are injections of medications into the actual facet joints. Facet joints are located between each set of vertebrae in the spine from the neck to the tailbone. Facet joints allow each vertebra to move against the vertebra just above and just below it. There are many other technical names for facet joints.
My first method being done in less than two weeks, but if it does not work the below method will be next...

 Cervical RadioFrequency Ablation (RFA):
Where an IV is inserted to administer intravenous medication to help you relax. A local anesthetic will be used to numb your skin. Fluoroscopy is again used to insure the safe and proper placement of the needle. The doctor will then check the needle for proper position by stimulating the nerve.
This might cause twitching and provoke pain. With the needle in the correct position, the area will be numbed. The doctor will then use radiofrequency energy to disrupt the medial branch nerve.
After you are monitored for 30 minutes. Before you leave you will be given discharge instructions. You may feel sore for one to four days. This is normal, an may be caused by nerve and muscle irritation. Your neck or upper back may feel numb, weak, or itchy for a couple of weeks. Be patient for full pain relief normally takes two to three weeks.
Pain relief varies from patient to patient, nerves regenerate within 18 months!

Sorry about the refresher course, but it is as much for myself as for my readers.
I am still trying to wrap my head around with this choice.

You see, that as if you have been following this blog for a while I have mentioned that my getting into bed time seems to be creeping into the ridiculous area of what should not be, too early, too often and for too long!
All due to pain or dizziness or exhaustion or all of them together!
It is true we do find time to go and do things, but what many of you do not know is that they are in most cases just a couple of hours increments.
So something had to be done, and I guess I am doing it!

What would you do in my place?
In other words, am I grasping at straws?
My goal is to live past eighty and beyond, with hopefully being able to do things more actively/healthily, pain free. Neither of my parents nor my brother did live past eighty. 

Oops Debby Downer!

Moving on...on a brighter note...

Last night we did go to puppy class, and after the usual training of sit, down, stand, stay was taught when we were absent, but Aussie is having difficulty with that one, except at the front door he does stay and the laundry room door he stays too when told, but just from one end of the room to the other he won't do it yet, see a positive thought, soon?
He does come when you call him very nicely!
They also set up an agility tube that he loved and we. i.e. all the puppies got to try it, and some did not go so easily, but Aussie aced that too!
And darn I was calling him as Hubby stayed to the side and I forgot to take the picture that I should have!
Oh well.
He ran really fast, in Flash mode, through the tube each time, and yes there were a few and I missed all of them, for shame on me, ha!
I think he truly loves that one!

Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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