Friday, May 25, 2018

Alberto, a subtropical storm as of eleven A.M. this morning!

Definition of a subtropical storm:" A subtropical cyclone is a weather system that has some characteristics of a tropical and an extratropical cyclone.As early as the 1950s meteorologists were uncertain whether they should be characterized as tropical or extratropical cyclones...These are the two definitions currently used for subtropical cyclones."

Wind shear is working on the storm named Alberto right now off the Yucatan peninsula and it will be heading up towards the center of the Gulf of Mexico and could regenerate on its way north towards New Orleans and the Florida panhandle and through Saturday and Sunday night into the morning is when it is estimated to be parallel to our southwest end of Florida. For neighborhoods here it will be a nasty rainmaker with rain totals being possibly anywhere from four to four and a half inches or more!

It has been raining already since this afternoon, so the ground is very well saturated!
Flooding could be an issue, in fact a flood watch has been initiated, as well as the possibility of tornadoes could spawn!
Sure hope neither occurs!

Moving on...

Hubby was able to mow the lawn this morning before the rain began, but could not trim since the rain came in by then.The rain has made our lawn fill in and grow tangibly! In this weather cuts are necessary less than a week apart!
See all you Florida naysayers and newbies, dry/fire season diminished quickly and then the dam bursts yearly! Figuratively speaking that is.

Moving on some more...

I had made baked chicken with sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts last night for dinner, and today I used much of the leftover chicken for my homemade chicken noodle soup that we had for lunch.
Tonight, we decided that we would have China City Chinese cuisine that usually gives us enough leftovers for the weekend.
And that is where Hubby is right now picking up dinner!
Two combo plates that come with fried rice and egg rolls!
And even with my chicken soup he ordered more soup; our favorite egg drop.

Funny thing about Florida weather even though it is still warm the rain makes you feel it's soup weather!
"Place special emphasis on old friendship." "Just believe it. Water and oil cannot mix." Hubby's
two fortune cookies, and mine are, "Maxim for life. You get treated in life the way you teach people to treat you." Oops one is gone! My other one, oh well... ( Doesn't work with canines.)
Now, it is possible that Aussie ate it, he still eats everything including a button just earlier today off of my blouse while it was on me! I am sure it will come out of him in the end, ha, it was a small non sharp one, just smoothly round and flat. Aussie, our six month old mini Australian Shepherd that is so handsome he gets away with way too much, is still a puppy! I keep saying that as I do admonish him for his still often bad behavior. Like any child being locked up on a rainy day/ days instead of burning off energy outside it is debilitatingly frustrating for an active healthy child to not to be able to run and play, true?

He, Aussie, like most of his canine predecessors is not thrilled with getting their feet or bodies wet,(Yes, I/we must chase him down for his weekly bath, but once in he is quite compliant and stands and sits on the bench in my shower very nicely as I hose him down with the handheld sprayer and shampoo him too and then rinse.) although I must admit the thunder and clashes of lightning are not so bad reaction wise for him either. And we do know that his hearing is excellent! Many of his breed have hearing and eye disorders, but so far all testing for both deficits have proven he has nothing to worry about thankfully!
He is just not rattled by those things thank goodness!

Right now the volume of the storm has intensified ( unlike me; the noise rattles me.) and so I will close for tonight by wishing you all a very happy good night!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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