Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Posting here has become questionable

Opinion pieces, are just that.
Although, being open and honest has at times created awkward situations when my blog has been read by certain people.
I know I should not forget that the world has access, as I chose to do. In fact ten different countries, besides the U S of A, weekly read this trash of mine. Why? Who knows.
My life is too boring to be blatantly concerned about what I have to say.
But I still would/will like to be heard when I feel there is something poignant or even slightly important. If only to me. Though I found a commonality amongst the world with many issues.
Succinctly, we think what we do or say online has no benefit positive or negative to anyone but ourselves.
Unfortunately, many have been living with their heads in the sand.
 Since we have all found out that is not true what we do do has an enormous effect on how we present ourselves/ image online.

The net is a wonderfully giving back media form, with immediate rewards that can be an awe inspiring intentional way to communicate, but must be used guardedly.
Yes, that's the right away way ability to get feedback, or to see and speak or do whatever you wish to accomplish in real time even.
So many take this techno marvel for granted.
And that is where the problem lies, and it has lied to all of us!

Safe places, hmm? Trust no one; comes to mind. SAD!
Now we must be cautious and police our very own privacy!

As the times get more accessible to the information highways and byways we find even that is being tracked!
BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING, i.e A.I., artificial intelligence,  BIG BROTHER!
Paranoia is a good thing... WHAT?
How many times have you looked up something on your laptop or notebook, and go to use your phone and the ad from what you were looking up appears there?
Posting pictures too, from pets to children to homes to vacations they watch look and listen and then they suggest! But they are lacking one important feature, your request! Make that two, your permission.
Or maybe not?
Your every whim is met by these ghosting gestures, some might find it kind or even kinda nice?
WHOA! These mysterious noface stalkers are not family members, spouses, children, friends or anything of that kind... they are complete strangers to you!
But not you to them, odd, and unsettling.

Is there a way to stop this?
Are we so foolish that we allowed this without paying that much attention to when it all started?
I cannot put my finger on it, but it has been recent for me, I think within the last year or so.
Maybe longer.
I ignored it all this time, have you too?

Check all your privacy settings for all sites.
Facebook is NOT alone with all this!
We must take responsibility for some of this too.
I have.

Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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