Sunday, April 8, 2018

4-8-18 My Log Blog...WOW, mind blowing! Maybe decide.

In our travels today we revisited some places that we have all been together with all of you before. Here Aussie is resting with us at a picnic table, on route, in the shade with his water bottle while we all take some time to hydrate again going along on the Harborwalk trail. This time we parked in the middle of the stretch, at Gilchrist Park and trekked westward towards Fisherman's Village. I know! We were just there yesterday, WHOA, didn't I say mind blowing? Along the way we're made to look upward towards the skies by a thundering noise, no, not of actual thunder, but of WW11 planes doing maneuvers skyward! No air shows in the vicinity, these guys are in a club that do this regularly from our now substantial Punta Gorda Airport that you can actually fly into with a major airline, Allegiant, less than eight miles from our home. 
Across from the water are amazing historic looking homes that may fool you for some are just made to look that way, and others are of a bygone era mixed in, due mostly to how well they endured our natural weather disasters or not.
  And yes, we again did eat our lunch at Fishville, but this time not so fancy, at the place named below, "The Good Ole Days". Hubby had a meatball sub with potato salad and pickle and I had a chicken salad on whole wheat pita bread with potato salad, also with a pickle.
 And Aussie had his usual Nutro! We all had our own drinks.
 Should say sandwiches too, since they do!
 Aussie is learning to pose better, but Mom has to learn to get the shot in closer, oops!

 Live music there, Fishville, daily. Today's fair, Jimmy Buffet stylings and tunes.
  Their marina there too.
 Back to the car.

 Ominous skies, overcast clouds, that helped to deal with a bit  of too much warmness.
It threatened, and sprinkled a wee bit, but no outright rain!

On this note, allow me to wish you all a very happy good night!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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