Sunday, March 18, 2018

Up the lazy river...

...oh that river is the Peace River that runs through Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte Florida... and the first things/creatures we saw were PICTURED BELOW, a lovely pod of dolphins, Mom, Pop and two little ones!
So we decided to share them with you!

                                         Hubby took the pics, since I wasn't quick enough!
 This underdeveloped area of our county was without these lush homes when I arrived here in March of 1995 (Hubby actually moved over to this coast, the west in December of 1994 due to his Charlotte County Deputy job hire being then) from the east coast of Florida that we had lived in Ormond Beach on the east coast of Florida since 1986.
  Harbor Heights Park is now dog friendly and it was on our way up the river so we stopped there for Hubby to walk Aussie and then have lunch tied  up to their dock. We brought a sub from Publix a roast beef with veggies exploding, and with their salads too. Our halves of subs on multi-grain bread were not finished either, so more for tomorrow! Again my Mahi, Mahi from yesterday had not been finished either with all those French fries again! This morning we had had the other half of my frittata that I had made yesterday for breakfast. Dinner was in our slow cooker on low, the corned beef and cabbage! Unfortunately, the large piece of corned beef; at nearly four pounds after eight hours on low was still not tender and so we took it and the veggies out; I had just added the cabbage as per the directions and placed everything into my pressure cooker for an additional twenty minutes and that did it perfectly fork tender!

  Two islands of Mangroves had nesting Sandhill cranes, and one even had a few Spoonbills below the Sandhills that are the beautiful pink ones with yes, spoonbills! I must admit Hubby again took these closer up bird pics, mine were the distance shots, and the houses since they do not move!

 Now below is a picture of the brick pyramid ruins from the old phosphate docks that were mined there to ship all over the world. Although, the Sierra Club protests the mining to this day it still is going on in other areas of Florida, but not here, thankfully!

Just a neat houseboat moored in the middle of the river, unfortunately there was a glitch in attaining the other side of its PIC, but this houseboat even had a rooftop garden. We noticed their tomato plants.

Another PIC that I missed was the alligator way up river, a little guy around four feet long... I suppose again I was taken with watching him so I forgot to take this neat picture... oh well.

Happy good night to all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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