Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Storm coming in, our canal an hour before high tide!

It is very high, and the water might come over our very high dock, raised years ago due to it originally being much lower!

                                   Boat all set above, can you see the teeming down rain in the pool?
                                               Pool picture taken from the guestroom window.
Thunder and lightning oh my! Unusual to have in March when we are still in our dry/fire season! But our friends to our northern states also know odd weather with four nor-easters this month... WOW and A BIG BRRRR to them! Electric outages have been prevalent. I hope they resolve them sooner rather than later... when we lived up in NJ we had two wood burning fireplaces as back ups to our oil hot water baseboard system; one was in the living room actually a woodstove up stairs in our bi-level home and one in the family room downstairs, a heatilater style with a blower fan, an absolute necessity up there!
In fact we were surprised that our two first homes on the east coast of Florida both had one was a brick and the other was a stone wood burning fireplaces. This house does not, but we are much further south and also on the west coast for the last twenty-three of the thirty- two we have lived in this state. When we lived on the east coast of Florida we lived in Ormond Beach and that is north of Daytona, right next door! Our sons went to high school in Daytona, Seabreeze.

Thankfully so far we are not in the tornado warning or watch areas, we are just south of there by mere miles! So things can change in a blink of an eye! We are still expecting fifty MPH or more wind gusts! CRAZY!

Happy safe night to all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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