Sunday, March 4, 2018

On the open sea...

Hubby and Aussie fighting on who will drive? Hubby won. We had left right after lunch and came home in time for dinner.
It was a breezy four hour tour with a not completely housebroken puppy! Without a land-stop to be found.

 Mr. Aussie has his sea legs just fine thank you very much! So he did try out the sun platform.
Hubby as if a granddad became concerned so Aussie's lead went back on for safety's sake! The pool water has not been warm enough to check Aussies's swimming abilities as of yet.
  Another larger bird, Hubby thought was a Bald Eagle, and I thought perhaps an Osprey? We have both that frequent our canals. Might not have been either.
Good BIG BOY Aussie, he waited all those hours to get off the boat to relieve himself YAY AUSSIE!
PS Aussie has no tail, we were told he was born that way, many of his kind are born without them and some for some unknown reason have them docked.

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