Friday, March 16, 2018

77 Russians cannot be wrong! And Hubby....

...Told me to write early so we can go out on an evening cruise with that extra daylight...

Okey dokey... Craaazeee so now I have seventy-seven,  i.e. 77 Russians reading my not so eloquent, not always politically correct or political at all blog, what's with that?
My titles might indicate something I am unaware of, something more interesting, provocative?
But let's face it Ruskies, is that politically incorrect or just plain rude, oops then I am very sorry!
All I know is that you guys should realize that the COLD WAR is OVER, RIGHT?
And that I never ever speak in code, right? Wouldn't know how to, even though I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout, we were never taught code! I did learn the the alphabet in sign language when our eldest was a Boy Scout, but no phrasing, that's as close as I got to anything in code. See boring?

So if you are interested in a college drop out, three different times, from three different schools with three different majors, business, ended up getting the job that I had wanted anyway found school boring, with law I found out I was pregnant with nasty all day morning sickness and last medicine when an idiot nurse said 300 cholesterol was Okay that rubbed me the wrong way I had recently lost both my parents from strokes with just over two hundred cholesterol numbers.

Although, I am a semi- world traveler with eight countries and forty-two US states under my belt that I had visited most before marriage, a person who has owned three businesses with my husband, with two doing good and sold, and working in all sorts of fields, but have collected CEUs as a volunteer in self help, grant writing, certified Aquatics instructor, was 2001 volunteer of the year for  the Arthritis Foundation and left them in 2008 ... from credit manager, fashion, promotion to restaurateur, who sings a little, I had danced a lot, and plays some piano, but no clarinet, I did try though, who speaks Spanish if needs to, and understand French a bit, Yiddish, German and Italian too...a bissel, had a few by-lines in a legit newspaper and have been writing this blog going on ten years... oh we have been boaters for about fifty years and DIYers out of necessity going nearly the same amount of time! I am crafty, not artistic, but do enjoy museums due to studying History of Art, oh and I did get an A in that and Journalism too. Oh and I did belong to a writer's group and take a writer's workshop, yup.

Dumb as a doorknob, I know a door nail, but really? Both odd, I suppose...
Tested I am above average with a mere 120 IQ, TG our sons tested at a genius level of over 145+, 130 IS genius!
Did something right, ya know.
Nah, I had nothing to do with that nor Hubby, we are just regular folks, and lucky.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, CKD Chronic Kidney Disease, as well as many other ailments ... but I am still here!
And I work very hard to be happy and as healthy as I can be!

Family, mostly Hubby, Aussie, Netflix and outings and boat rides all help! And the occasional mini vacation!

Happy good night to all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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