Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Did you know?

That the less expensive brand at Home Depot of Glacier Bay bathroom and kitchen fixtures, even vanities are very good products.
All our sinks and shower faucets, including the higher one in the kitchen is theirs.
We did have a slight problem with the new double rain one in the roll in shower completed in 2016, and so I called them about a rust and pitted issue and they offered a one time deal to send us a new one and they did! Just last week. http://www.glacierbayfaucetsreview.com/contact-us/

Farberware knives are warranted for life and we have replaced a few a couple of years back without any problems. I suppose many of their other Farberware products are too.
Just goto their site: http://www.farberware.com/

Sometimes quality is in policy.

Moving on...

Again my personal plumbing system has decided to dessert me, and flu like symptoms have returned, I had to start Imodium again this morning with a Pedialite chaser.
I suppose if nothing changes by tomorrow I will ring the doc up and ask for more suggestions, hmm?
It will be ten days, is that average?
Never counted the two times before, since they were more like bad cold symptoms only, not as volatile.
I appear to not to be able to process food adequately.
The upside, perhaps I will lose a few pounds?

I feel as bad as the unprocessed stuff coming out of me! FEELING CRAPPY!
Oops, did I write that out loud?

As most everyone knows our flush toilets were third generation and were branded by Crapper's named, the inventor: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Crapper

So not a BAD word!

Happy good night to all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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