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Meet Goldie the Gator, or she thee, "Goldgator", as I like to think of her.

full topside view below eye side view below Myth logically speaking she has what most in the science of reptilian studies will tell you none have existed; that is until now!
She is not only a rarity and unique creature that truly is a no-such-thingy, but if she did exist her rareness would be due to her metallic golden coloring, including her metallic copper colored eyes that makes her less than believable! So she is not ... except in our front garden!
If seen in the wild, not going to happen, she is thought to be good luck, and that is if you have your running shoes there on their fast speed ahead button setting, because if you think her typical looking family members are speedy, you've yet to see her moving! There's nothing like the full glowing glistening of a mighty Goldie at warp speed; truly nothing like it! And no one has seen her, but now all of you! In my dreams.

Suggestion, never go into the glades without a friend this way you can confuse her on whom to choose to c…