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Energenic this morning!

Determined to clean and organize and repaint the under the kitchen sink cabinets inside.
Of course Hubby did much of the work, but I did empty and thin the herd of unnecessary items and redistribute a few to more logical locations.
I did wash out the bottom section utilizing our longer reacher with Lysol and water on a paper towel, and even the removable shelf I was able to clean that is the one that Hubby had made years ago.
He took that part out to the courtyard alongside the garage to paint it, and let it dry in the heat, and I also did the same by cleaning out our laundry room's broom closet floor. It too needed a dose of cleaning, organizing and repainting.
I once again have been in that mode of purging unnecessary things like carpet cleaner, since we have all tile and even marble on the guest room floor and haven't any carpeting for years!
Not even area rugs, too hazardous with my equipment, and before that they posed a trip issue.
But I do love them, although in Florid…