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Frustration getting you down?

You betcha!
Between this administration's daily enormous faux pas, ignorance, stupidity antics, irrational behavior and on and on and on...
My own little world collapses daily just when I think I have a handle on things...
I finally subscribed to a dental insurance plan last month.
They took out a processing fee plus the May payment and today they took out the one for June.
Minimal cost plan that included free X-rays and cleaning yearly and percentages for other necessities like fillings and root canal etc. after six months.
Easy peasy, except when you try to find dentists that accept the plan, a Humana PPO dental.
I have been given local names through the plan, but oddly the dentists did not exist at those addresses or phone numbers, and also dental offices that misunderstood the type of plan stating that it was part of Medicare, which it is not; it is a stand alone plan.
So I reversed my strategy and I Googled local dental offices and many were screwed up in the fact that…