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Take Archie Bunker, please!

A list came out today of shows being cancelled and one on that list was one that Hubby and I both enjoyed.
A half hour comedy on Friday nights at eight P.M. EST, on ABC, called "Last Man Standing".
Starring Tim Allen as Mike Baxter, as a sporting goods store co-owner with veteran actor Hector Elizondo as Ed Alzate, as his partner.
In this he is also the father of three daughters, his previous show he had three sons on that one, and that was Home Improvement, and in real life he has two daughters, in this show each daughter is with different political leanings. His eldest, Kristin, played by Amanda Fuller, is a restaurant manager and is married to a very liberal/vegan with beliefs that their son's team should all get participation awards, Ryan, played by Jordan Masterson who had gotten her pregnant in high school. His middle daughter, Mandy, played by Molly Ephraim, is A-political and used to be boy crazy, but now is a fashion designer and has found her niche in that ver…