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Distraction, organization and easy peasy dinner!

Everyone in this day and age needs at times a distraction from the horrors of the realities in this world, true?
So...turn off those techno devices and kick back and chill or even get out of the house and get some retail therapy, as us old timers used to call it!
 In our case nothing extravagant just a diversion from what we might have been doing if we hadn't gone out.
Destinations these days are a must, although in spite of gas prices we too have been known to just get in the car and go for a ride.
Today though was my mini project, more organizing, this time the top of the fridge; lately it looks as if a frat boy lives here with a high salt intake diet with all the chip type snacks up there.
Don't worry they are mostly skinny Hubby's and not that highly salted as one might think.
Mine are the gluten free pretzels, now low fat ones, occasionally pita chips with humus(kept in the fridge) and lightly salted sunflower seeds, Hubby's are potato chips, cheese poufs, Tostit…