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I'm not fixable.

I had my orthopedic appointment today.
The PA said as she went over my cervical stenosis and thoracic stenosis and herniations on the accessible DVDs she said that although the cervical area is slightly worse from its last MRI nearly three years ago the spinal cord has fluid around it only a small area within the neck has a bit less on one side and there are spurs here and there, pretty much the same as my thoracic area as well, and so since my main complaint is numbness she feels that it is my Progressive Multiple sclerosis causing all my symptoms. And that although I should come in for a look see whenever the neurologist chooses for my next MRIs to see if it is any different.
Meanwhile, I see my return to neuro, the one from eight years ago, next month.
So that is it for now medically speaking, oh yeah... no promises... that far as beating my dead horse on this topic...perhaps!
Until they find a cure for MS! Probably sooner I will discuss.
Look please.
It might be easier th…