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They're back.............

The Russians are here ha, ha, ha, ha! Why me?
Do I look like a great asset for information on United States governmental issues????
The numbers might not be too clear, tapping on the screen may help to enlarge the PIC, if not you will have to believe me that so far just today I have had 166 pageviews from RUSSIANS! Only two less than Americans at 168!  Oh here we go, my minutia of knowledge: James stretch Comey Jr., he is six foot eight, anyway his timing has been way off first with Hillary's October surprise horrifically, and now our so-called Pres. DJ's him not getting the actual evidential proof out about the Orange Frothy Haired Guy's investigation into wrong doing with the Russians, shame on you Mister T, but Comey out!
And for some crazy reason my day is up for this function that goes only until 8 P.M. EST!
As I am writing this it is just a couple of minutes past six P.M. EST, and it takes me sometimes as long as an hour to pump one of these gems out, ha!
That was f…