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Question America: Are we patients, clients or customers to the medical world?

I believe that we used to be patients, but as medical care became more exasperating we lost our patience, and consequently lost that status too.
Clients sounds too business like and when I think of that I think of more so of law firms.
Customers being the broadest of terms and also never what any of us people/persons/ human being with temporary/ chronic/ or fatal ills would like to be thought of, but due to the medical industry being a bottom line sort of consortium we have been cast into that cold no familiarity type of ranking. I suppose we all have our own bottom lines on the line these days while dealing with the medical professions.
If you think about it they are already like a monopoly in the respect where else can we go for medical treatment if not to doctors, walk in clinics and hospitals etc.?
Heart is missing way too often, except for a few of my friends who had gone into the profession when heart was a very important part of medical care. Although, like me many have retire…