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A correction... and more

Correction of 4-28-17 entitled, "Arbor Day!" post section in "moving on" to Bed Bath and Beyond and of the purchase of a battery type broom that they make it is not a Black Decker brand, but the Bissell brand Bolt plus model; at around seventy dollars, minus the 20% discount plus tax it is a very nice deal!
We have it ten days now and Hubby finds it simplifies his life with Gus chasing critters into the plumbagoes that its flowers stick to his fur, gives new meaning to the concept flower child! He becomes ensconced with very pretty blue flowers in his hair that drop all over the floor once inside...!

The laundry room's broom closet that holds our regular vacuum, brooms, dustpans, dusters, mop etc. is off to the right front of the photo, and to the left of that is a child's sized toy box that is used as a seat and as our laundry hamper, above that is a seagull wooden carved blue and white colored knobbed rack for leashes and the occasional jacket of Hubby&#…