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Have you ever smelled an odd odor and knew that it was there, but no one else could smell it so they looked at you like you were crazy?
Are you sure?
One thing I must admit, even when I used to be a smoker I had a keen sense of smell, except of myself that probably stunk with that nasty habit that fortunately I gave up nearly eleven years ago!...Anyway, I have this unique ability to smell nasty smells before most other people do and my tiny sniffer, no my nosey has never been large, always could sniff out what the rude cause was... like today.
Actually, for days I have been telling Hubby that I had smelled mold somewhere in our bedroom!
I know, disgusting!
I had asked him to move our rather large king size bed, but it is on wheels, because I felt it was emanating from beneath!
You see, as many with tiny homes and no attic or basements space do we use under the beds for storage.
In the guest room under that bed we have two very long molded plastic lidded wheeled storage compartments b…