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The difference between avoidance and denial?

a·void·ance /əˈvoidəns/
nounnoun: avoidance, plural noun: avoidances 1. the action of keeping away from or not doing something: "one third of cancer deaths could be prevented by avoidance of smoking"▪the action of preventing something from happening: "a pilotless passenger aircraft would rely on computers and automatic collision avoidance"2. the action of repudiating, nullifying, or rendering void a decree or contract:"insurance underwriters could not rely on non-disclosure to justify avoidance of the contract" Denial:
de·ni·al /dəˈnīəl/
nounnoun: denial, plural noun: denials 1. the action of declaring something to be untrue: "she shook her head in denial"synonyms:contradiction, refutation, rebuttal, repudiation, disclaimer, ... morenegation, dissent▪the refusal of something requested or desired: "the denial of insurance to people with certain medical conditions"synonyms:refusal, withholding, rejection, rebuff, repulse, ... more