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Eclectic Tonight!

Being disabled or even just being vertically challenged the below two items are very, very helpful. I call them reachers, but they must have another more technical name, and if you know please tell me.  Below are my two feet and ankles, embarrassing as they may be to some they being viewed is to show how they look after several hours in my motorized wheelchair, swollen and my right for the last two days appears to be taking on some not so lovely coloring, bruising, but no injury was attained, baffled and a bit concerned. Could it be from my latest diagnosis of LA, Lupus Anticoagulant and should I get thee to the hospital or wait for the doctor tomorrow or just call my chronic care nurse? I have been icing them, but it was removed for photo op purposes. They are elevated and I have been known to quadruple my 81mg. dosage of good ole aspirin for that anti-inflammatory purpose, anyone have any ideas?
 The next four pictures are Hubby's project of mulching and edging the pond garden,…