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Turkey Kielbasa!

Kielbasa, the other half of the one we had weeks ago that we had frozen for tonight, nah, sounded good,..., with lower fat and sodium, yea they do make it, anyway... I did that tonight with handful of  sauerkraut, of course,  one medium sized peeled and chopped into half quartered sized pieces yellow squash, different, I know, one and a half onions sliced, three cloves of garlic smooshed and chopped, a cup of frozen peas and one large potato, pre-zapped four minutes in the microwave, sliced, and  a 1/2 cup of frozen mushrooms!
Chicken bouillon low sodium with  one cup of water and less than a quarter cup of flour for thickening the sauce that has Kosher salt, pepper, and thyme in it mixed altogether then pour over everything in the large pan that it is all mixed into after it had been sprayed with PAM and a tablespoon of olive oil and a smidge of butter! Oy Vey, not Kosher at all, but mmm oh so good! So a one pan meal! Since the turkey kielbasa is precooked... and oh so fast too!