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Happy Holidays!

Happy Easter and yes, still Happy Passover till Tuesday!

I do realize that today must be a wonderful day for most getting together with family and friends, and a not so great day getting together with family and friends, ha!
Also for many of us who are far from family and friends or for any other reasons that you spend many holidays alone or with just your significant other, hello?
Many holiday dinners are served mid-afternoon and many are served whenever you and your guests feel like it, hmm?
Any-who, by now I have established that you are with whomever you wanted to be with or did not want to be with but had no real choice, or with just yourself or your one and only, and you may have or may have not eaten your BIG holiday meal yet or your tiny one or on the fly one...WHEW!
Gosh, I'm exhausted, are you?

Since Hubby and I raised two heathens holidays do not mean that much to them, huh?
Actually, we did try the dual religion thingy, neither one of us would dare ask the other …