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When world's collide!

Personal depressing news and the horrific news daily from, about or because of this horrid administration!
Setting back policies that have been in effect for decades by circumventing their initial purpose for women to have control over their bodies is just one of the many examples of how things are going so very wrong!
Using warheads without concise plans, sure we all want the villains gone, including our home grown ones, but this is not a parlor game this is real life! Organize and ask people who know how to accomplish this.

My MRIs were mixed reviews.
My brain one with all the main lesions are stable, no new or active ones, great news!
As far as my neck (cervical) one goes I do have two major and one minor herniation c4major,c5minor,c6major, and my stenosis is stable there without any MS lesions.
My thoracic (chest) region shows a new herniation between T8-9 with spinal canal stenosis are demonstrated the neuroforamina are patent bilaterally that wasn't there before either. Not…