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Very late lunch today!

Had my last two MRIs, cervical (neck) and thoracic (chest) with and without contrast.
Was scheduled for 12:15 P.M., but I did not go in until 12:40 P.M. and got out at 2:30 P.M.
No breakfast was allowed and so I was pretty darn hungry and Hubby waited too, and so he was also very hungry!
We decided to eat at Applebee's so he could have his burger and I could take advantage of their healthier low cal. choices, he had their all American burger, and I had their spicy steak and bean soup 180 calories with a spicy chicken wrap.
Today we ordered our usual beverage of iced water with lemon and limes on the side.
The ride there was only a few blocks even with medium traffic maybe ten minutes. Many snowbirds have flown home we think; at least according to us seeing less foreign license plates.
Any-who, by the time we received our lunches it was about a quarter after three!

Hubby ate his entire bacon cheese burger, and I ate my soup and half of my wrap, yep that's all, and so we asked …