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Leftover rotisserie chicken recipes to add to your repertoire!

Seriously, who doesn't need a couple more?

For the first dinner I thought of Hubby and his love of TexMex or pure Mexican food.
He was working hard on the boat and I knew he would love to go and pick up some Mexican entrees, but better yet and with less fat and sodium I felt I could come close to their cuisine, and so I tried!
We did have canned black beans, not quite right, but would work in a pinch.
I drained and rinsed them and put the beans into my small Cuisinart and pulsed them until I had gotten the right consistency, smooth, but not too.
Then I added cumin, garlic powder, lemon and lime and basil to taste, and spread it into a microwave/oven safe side dish, and zapped for a minute and then waited to put it into the oven with the chicken Quesadillas I was making. We had six soft taco shells left and I thinly shredded cheddar on each one of the three in my ten by nineteen inch glass pan, sprayed with PAM and then added part skim shredded mozzarella on top of the cheddar, ja…