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Prolific, propelled, perseverance

Prolific, propelled, perseverance, and so are we.

Most people, and I do hate speaking in generalities, nah not true of course I do, but then I won't, okay many people can stay on task with their thought patterns and are simply prolific thinkers in that respect, correct?
The only time a person would not be able to do such a thing is when there are brain disorders involved in their thinking processes, also correct?
Allowing that to sink in for a moment...that's good enough, now then, which type of thinker would you prefer to be in charge, of anything, hmm?

Propelled is a chancy word at best.
For it could refer to an inanimate object or a person's stance on a topic or action, hmm?
Also it can be good or bad, hmm?
As in a sport with controlling the ball, propelling it into the basket, hole, or goal posts, to win the game?
And in speaking of a person with an enthusiastic way of working or enjoying of a hobby or lavishly knowing what is important in life and doing that well!