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Impulsive, assumptions and remedial

Impulsive, assumptions, and remedial, you got that right, right?
Yesterday was the day of the presumptive strike on Syria; 59 strikes if I heard right, right?
Damage was extreme to minimal, depending on who you asked?
The media, generals or our the so-called president all had different answers.
The reason for the assault on the highly volatile area of the world sounded correct that is in the sense of no sense dealing with people who play the war games unfairly and also have no concern about the rules since they use biological warfare when most of the sane world has nixed it.
Although, isn't always the way that the hotheads do not play fairly and do have this thing about escalating incidents starting with most all bullies from the playgrounds to the world theater!
They do not follow the rules that most civilized nations/peoples do.
So poking them in a "violent" way does not seem like that logical a retaliation, considering the assault in that rebound was more overkill wi…