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From Russia with Love, and Dr. No, no...

No Dr. No or Dr. Yes either today, but there are still a little over five hours left in the day... who knows/No's?

And as of right now Russia is showing me some love without showing up reading my most recent, last night's blog! N-yet, yet any-who!
Did I mention that I am Russian on my mother's side, her father, who came to America in the early 1900's!
So play nice!

Moving on...

To take my mind off of my malady woes, I got my act back in gear and did two loads of whites, dried them and put them away and paid most all of our bills with Hubby's pension check. Social security comes in a couple of days after, when I pay the little bills most that we haven't gotten yet, the phones, cell and landline, utilities, all other bills, electric, mortgage, boat insurance, car loan and other zero interest loans were paid online today, including both of our charge accounts in full! Feels good every month to take care of business with monies left over to save up for ano…