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For your eyes only!

This is just this week from March 23rd to today March 30th. They have shown up many times before this week sporadically on my pageviews page.
Why me?
If you cannot make it out you can tap on it twice to enlarge it, but it says that this week so far alone Russia has read my blogs 1033 times already, not just one but many, mostly back tracking to around the days of the election.
Maybe now you will believe my concern with not being too negative when I write, ha!
I know, yes I do know that I have been, but no more than most of you!
And I will NOT name any names, do not worry, kidding of course!
But they would NOT do anything, i.e. except what they are already doing, monitoring us.
Didn't they just insist that they haven't been doing that, hmm?
Well, here's proof that they have lied!
Uh oh, oh no, I am putting myself in jeopardy with every word I write!
Never mind.

Moving on...

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