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People are heard! More thoughts...

The vote for the Mr. T healthcare plan was put on hold, and so I will be holding onto my yay until it is taken off of the agenda in total!
I called the number AARP had for my representative, and Tom Rooney's mailbox was full, so I couldn't leave a message, asking him to vote "NO", boy am I happy that those were all the ones they needed to hold the votes up!


When you have something to say good or bad be it known that when it comes to Facebook someone is always listening!
Not news to me, news to you?
Any-who, I find it refreshing being validated that on some small level that in life people do listen and respond, occasionally.
I hear, not really, but I read you FB friends and when I do I will occasionally/sometimes/ when I feel I have something pertinent to say/ or if not too busy... what am I crazy everyone knows that I am rarely busy, ha; I'll let you know!
How about you too?
Ya know, you really do.
Not saying anything is also an answer.
Hurtful a…