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Busy work causing me to not constantly look at my laptop and phone most of the day!

I am a bum, or in other words a non-productive retiree.
Many of my peers are still working or creating or volunteering or doing much more than myself.
When I realized I had not been on the computer for five whole hours and that I have been home all those hours it dumbfounded me.
The only reason that I noticed is when I finally looked at the many, many people who had posted on this techno machinery of mine while I had been distracted, not watching TV really, but doing other things... and I had a time stamp from/on the one person who insists on poking me many times daily, probably to see if I am still alert or alive, okay today I wasn't, alert and the jury is still out on that alive thingy, any-who... and five hours had passed, where was I?
I was/am here, still are/am I?
No urges to look at either my celly or computee that is unless someone called, but those were on the landline today, only the landline and not personal, sales and robos calling only... oh, one to make sure I was co…