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So much going on locally today it was difficlt to decide where to go...

...So we chose to take our furry son, Gus, our Havanese mixed rescue dog out for a change.
The first in a very long time for the dog/bog since on his meds, Prozac i.e.
We went very close to home, less than two miles to Bayshore Live Oak Park.
And again I took out my trusty camera phone and snapped away!
When we parked in the lot much to our pleasant surprise Bette Midler was already there parked right next to us! Okay, it wasn't the famous talented amazing musician actress Bette Midler, but a professional look-a-like from way back when, a woman, a doppelganger for the Devine Miss M and portrayed her at specific occasions while a resident of the greater New York, area years ago! She was from Long Island NY, but a Port Charlotte resident these days. When I worked back in the early 1990's in promotion in Daytona Beach Florida we also had look-a-likes that were in demand for special occasions, and I seem to recall a woman who looked like Joan Rivers, and a Marilyn Monroe, and of …